When To Have A Baby Shower If Due In March

when to have a baby shower if due in march

When to Have a Baby Shower if Due in March

With so much to plan when expecting a baby, it can be hard to know when to have a baby shower. It is particularly difficult to choose the right time for a baby shower if the expected due date is in March. To make the process of deciding when to have a baby shower if due in March; easier, here is a quick guide.

Benefits of Planning a Baby Shower in the Second Trimester

Knowing when to have a baby shower if due in March can be tough, but many parents prefer to host the event during the second trimester of pregnancy. Planning the shower during the second trimester offers the following benefits:

Mom-to-be can spend more time with family and friends before focusing on the baby

It can give parents time to prepare mentally and financially for the new arrival

Hosting the shower in the second trimester often allows time for the registration of gifts before the due date

Guests who live far away have more time to plan travel if needed

When to Have a Baby Shower if Due in March

The best time to have a baby shower if due in March is usually between six to eight months of pregnancy. This typically falls in December or January. This is when the excited mom-to-be can show off the baby bump and enjoy all the gifts she is showered with.

However, the exact timing of the shower will still vary from one family to another as there are no hard and fast rules for when to have a baby shower if due in March. Some parents like to host their showers in late November to avoid the busy holiday season while others prefer a later date.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Date

If deciding when to have a baby shower if due in March is causing confusion, here are some things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a date:

Make sure the date of the shower does not conflict with any family or religious holidays

Ask the mom-to-be if there is a date that is more preferable for her

Ask close family members and friends if the date youve chosen works better for them than any other

Consider the weather when selecting outdoor venues

Choose a date that is at least four weeks prior to the due date to ensure the mother receives the gifts in time

Options for Celebrating Baby Showers in March

While it is best to host a baby shower near the second trimester, if the due date is in March, there are other options for celebrating the arrival of the little one. Here are some alternatives for welcoming the baby:

A virtual baby shower: This could be a great option for those who have close family and friends living far away. Invite your guests to celebrate with you online; organize fun activities for the virtual shower and dont forget to give your guests time to wish the baby.

A hybrid baby shower: This is a combination of an in-person baby shower and a virtual one. Invite the guests you can’t accommodate virtually to your in-person event, and those who are unable to make it in person can join via video call.

A post-birth shower: While this is not the traditional way of welcoming a baby, it’s a great option for those who are expecting late in March. Post-birth showers can be hosted any time after the baby is born and offer a great chance to celebrate with family and friends who could not make it to the birth.


Each family will have their own preference for when to have a baby shower if due in March, and there is no right or wrong time to have it. But with the due date in March, it is important to keep in mind the weather and family and religious holidays when selecting a date for the shower. If its impractical to plan a baby shower near the due date, there are other options such as a virtual or hybrid baby shower or a post-birth shower. When deciding when to have a baby shower if due in March, just go with what works best for your family and your special bundle of joy.