When To Have A Baby Shower If Due In October

when to have a baby shower if due in october

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower Timing When Due in October

The arrival of a little one is always a cause for celebration, and planning a baby shower is a wonderful way to usher in this joyous occasion. If you’re due in October, you might be wondering when the best time is to host your baby shower. Let’s delve into some insightful tips to help you choose the ideal timing for your pre-baby celebration amidst the beautiful autumnal vibes.

Consider Mid-September to Early October

– Planning your baby shower for mid-September to early October is ideal. This timeframe ensures the event is close enough to the due date for excitement but not too close to cause unnecessary stress.

Check with Your Closest Circle

– Consult with close friends and family to determine their availability during the proposed timeframe. It’s crucial to ensure key individuals can attend and share in the celebration.

Factor in the Weather

– October can be a bit unpredictable weather-wise, so plan for an indoor venue or an outdoor location with a suitable backup plan. Ensure the weather won’t dampen the festivities.

Plan According to Your Comfort

– Consider your own comfort and energy levels as the due date approaches. Opt for a time when you’ll still be able to enjoy the celebration and partake in the festivities without feeling overly fatigued.

Coordinate with Invitations

– Send out invitations well in advance to allow guests to plan accordingly. Factor in mailing time, especially if some invitees need to travel.

Weekend Afternoons Work Well

– Hosting the baby shower on a weekend afternoon is typically convenient for most guests. This way, they won’t have to rush after work and can enjoy the event leisurely.

Plan Around Cultural Practices

– Consider any cultural practices or customs related to baby showers in your community. Adhering to these can be significant for some families.

Budget and Availability of Venues

– Assess your budget and venue availability for the chosen timeframe. Some venues might have peak wedding or event seasons, which can impact availability and costs.

Consider a Virtual Shower

– Given the flexibility of online gatherings, if an in-person event is challenging, consider a virtual baby shower. This way, you can include friends and family from near and far.


Planning a baby shower when due in October involves thoughtful consideration of the season, your comfort, and the availability of loved ones. Ultimately, the best time for a baby shower is when it feels right for you, allowing you to celebrate this exciting milestone in the most joyful and stress-free way. Happy planning!