Where Can I Buy Rubber Ducks For A Baby Shower

where can i buy rubber ducks for a baby shower

Where Can I Buy Rubber Ducks for a Baby Shower?

Rubber ducks are timeless and adorable additions to baby shower decorations and favors. Their cheerful presence adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the celebration, making them a popular choice for baby showers. If you’re wondering where to buy rubber ducks for a baby shower, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll guide you through various places where you can easily find these charming little ducks to make your baby shower extra special.

Online Retailers

Online shopping offers a wide variety of rubber duck options for your baby shower. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have extensive selections with different sizes, colors, and themes to choose from. You can browse through customer reviews and ratings to ensure you’re getting quality ducks.

Party Supply Stores

Visit your local party supply stores, such as Party City, or check their websites. They often carry rubber ducks in their baby shower or general party decoration sections. You can find them individually or in bulk, depending on your needs.

Craft Stores

Craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby may have rubber ducks in their craft and party sections. You can buy plain rubber ducks and even consider decorating them yourself to match your baby shower theme.

Dollar Stores

Discount or dollar stores are budget-friendly options for purchasing rubber ducks. While the selection may be limited, you can often find basic rubber ducks that work perfectly as baby shower favors or decorations.

Specialty Baby Shower Stores

Some specialty baby shower supply stores or boutiques may offer unique rubber duck options tailored specifically for baby showers. These ducks may come in themed sets or colors that match your event.

Online Wholesale Retailers

If you’re planning a larger baby shower or want to buy rubber ducks in bulk, consider online wholesale retailers. They often offer bulk pricing and can be a cost-effective choice. Websites like Oriental Trading Company specialize in party supplies, including rubber ducks.

Local Toy Stores

Visit your local toy stores, especially those that focus on educational or novelty toys. They may carry rubber ducks suitable for baby showers in various styles and sizes.

Baby Retailers

Retailers that specialize in baby products, such as Buy Buy Baby or Babies “R” Us (if available in your area), may carry rubber ducks alongside other baby shower items.

Custom Rubber Duck Creators

For a truly unique touch, you can explore custom rubber duck creators who can design ducks to match your baby shower theme, including personalized details like the baby’s name or the shower date.


When it comes to buying rubber ducks for a baby shower, you have a plethora of options, both online and in physical stores. Whether you’re looking for classic yellow ducks, themed ducks, or even custom creations, there’s a perfect rubber duck out there to add charm and joy to your baby shower celebration. So, start your search and get ready to quack up your guests with these adorable and timeless shower additions!