Where The Wild Things Are Baby Shower Invitation

where the wild things are baby shower invitation

Enchanting Invitations: Crafting “Where the Wild Things Are” Baby Shower Magic

Where the wild things are baby shower invitation. A “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower theme captures the hearts of both children and adults with its whimsical and imaginative allure. When planning such a unique and charming event, the invitations play a crucial role in setting the tone and excitement. In this article, we’ll delve into the art of crafting “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower invitations that encapsulate the enchantment of Maurice Sendak’s beloved tale.

Where The Wild Things Are Baby Shower Invitation: Invitation Design

1. Character Illustrations
Incorporate charming illustrations of Max and the wild creatures from the book. These iconic figures instantly evoke nostalgia and set the theme.

2. Crown Details
Include imagery of Max’s crown, a symbol synonymous with the story. This adds a touch of regal playfulness to the design.

3. Text and Typography
Use fonts that capture the whimsical spirit of the book. Incorporate quotes like “Let the wild rumpus start” to invoke the sense of adventure.

4. Nautical Accents
Incorporate sailboat motifs or ocean-inspired elements as a nod to Max’s sailboat journey in the story.

Invitation Wording

1. Tale of Adventure
Craft wording that invites guests to embark on an adventure, just like Max’s journey to the land of the wild things.

2. Rumpus Invitation
Playfully encourage guests to join in the “wild rumpus” as they celebrate the upcoming arrival.

3. Imaginative Wording
Channel the book’s imaginative tone by using creative phrases like “Sail on over for a wild time” or “Calling all wild ones to the celebration!”

Colors and Imagery

1. Earthy Tones
Draw from the book’s natural and earthy color palette, using shades of greens, browns, and warm neutrals.

2. Forest Elements
Incorporate forest motifs, such as trees, leaves, and vines, to transport guests to the magical world of the wild things.

3. Dreamlike Elements
Add dreamy accents like stars or moon illustrations to capture the dreamlike quality of the story.


Consider delivering the invitations in creative ways, such as placing them inside miniature sailboats or adorning them with small Max crowns.


Designing “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower invitations is a delightful opportunity to infuse the spirit of adventure and imagination into your celebration from the very start. By combining character illustrations, captivating wording, and enchanting imagery, your invitations will serve as a magical gateway to the whimsical world of Maurice Sendak’s beloved tale. As guests receive these invitations, they’ll feel the excitement and wonder of the upcoming event, setting the stage for a baby shower that promises to be a truly memorable and cherished experience for all who attend.