Where The Wild Things Are Baby Shower

where the wild things are baby shower

A Whimsical Adventure: Hosting a “Where the Wild Things Are” Baby Shower

Where the wild things are baby shower. Inspired by the beloved children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak, a “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower is a captivating and imaginative theme that brings the magic of the wild to your celebration. With its charming characters and enchanting setting, this theme offers a perfect backdrop for honoring the impending arrival of a little one. In this article, we’ll guide you through the enchanting world of a “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower, from decor ideas to menu inspiration, ensuring an unforgettable and whimsical event for all.

Where The Wild Things Are Baby Shower: Invitations

Set the tone for your “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower with invitations featuring iconic elements from the book, such as Max’s crown and the wild creatures. Incorporate quotes like “Let the wild rumpus start” to evoke nostalgia.

Decor and Atmosphere

– Jungle Chic Transform your venue into a wild forest with lush greenery, potted plants, and earthy tones.
– Wild Creature Cutouts Display cutouts of the book’s characters, such as Max and the wild creatures, to create a sense of adventure.
– Tree Stumps and Wooden Elements Use tree stumps as tables and incorporate wooden elements for a rustic, natural feel.
– Sailboat Accents Pay homage to Max’s sailboat by incorporating nautical details like sailboat decor and sailor-inspired elements.

Where The Wild Things Are Baby Shower: Menu Ideas

– Wild Treats Serve “wild” treats like animal-shaped cookies, cupcakes with forest-inspired toppers, and fruit skewers.
– Max’s Supper Create a dinner menu reminiscent of Max’s imaginary feast, featuring comfort foods like soup, bread, and pasta.

Activities and Games

– Storytime Set up a cozy corner for reading “Where the Wild Things Are” aloud, engaging guests in the enchanting tale.
– Crown Crafting Provide materials for guests to craft their own Max crowns, adding a creative touch to the celebration.
– Wild Photo Booth Set up a photo booth with props inspired by the book’s characters for fun photo opportunities.

Party Favors

– Wild Thing Plushies Send guests home with plush toy wild creatures as adorable and fitting party favors.
– Customized Crowns Create mini versions of Max’s crown for guests to wear and take home.


A “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower offers a magical journey into the world of imagination, friendship, and adventure. By infusing the charm of Maurice Sendak’s beloved storybook into your celebration, you create a memorable and whimsical atmosphere that captures the essence of childhood wonder. From the decor and activities to the menu and party favors, every element of the event will contribute to a celebration that is as unique and enchanting as the story itself. As guests gather to celebrate the imminent arrival of the little one, they’ll be transported to the land of wild things, where the rumpus and joy of the occasion will be cherished for years to come.