Where To Send Extra Baby Shower Invites

where to send extra baby shower invites

Where to Send Extra Baby Shower Invites

Organizing your baby shower is sure to be a fun and exciting experience – especially when you get around to the part where you get to invite all your family and friends. However, with the sheer amount of people that you want to invite to your special day, you might find yourself in a spot of trouble: where to send extra baby shower invites!

Fortunately, there are a number of different ways one can get hold of extra invitation cards. Here are some of the most popular options people can use when they need to send out additional baby shower invitations.


Making sure everyone in your family, neighborhood, or local community knows about your upcoming baby shower, is vital when it comes to having an enjoyable celebration. You can achieve this by simply printing off flyers that provide all the necessary information, in terms of the date, time, location, and other necessary information.

Printing off a number of flyers and then handing them out or posting them in various places, will ensure that more people are aware of the upcoming baby shower. You could even specify that if other people wish to come to the event, then they can drop by the location mentioned to pick up more invitation cards!

Social Media

Nowadays, most people have a social media platform they regularly use. Whether it is Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, one can certainly make use of such platforms to their advantage. By creating a page dedicated to the baby shower, you can then post all the relevant information too.

What’s more, you can also link the page to your own profile or those of other people who’d like to join in the celebration. This will enable you to reach even more people that may be interested in participating in the baby shower – and provide them with the necessary details too.


Another popular way that people can send out extra baby shower invites is via email. By setting up a simple mailing list and sending out the same email to a number of people, you’ll be able to reach out to a number of different people, with minimal effort.

Individuals that have access to the internet may prefer to receive their invitations via email – as opposed to having to print off paper flyers. However, it is advisable to also send out a few paper invites, as some people may not feel comfortable trying to read their invitation off a computer.

Word of Mouth

Finally, some people find success in simply spreading the word about their upcoming baby shower, by relying on friends, family, and colleagues to spread that information. After all, it is quite likely that those people will, in turn, share the news with the people that they are close to – increasing the chances of more people attending the event.

Where to Send Extra Baby Shower Invites? Conclusion

In a nutshell, it is easy for one to send out additional baby shower invites, without having to break the bank or spend countless amounts of time organizing the logistics. One can take the easy route through the use of social media, email, word of mouth, and even go old-school with flyers. All in all, deciding where to send extra baby shower invites is not such an arduous task after all.