Who Said It Baby Shower Game

who said it baby shower game

Unveiling Laughter and Insight The “Who Said It” Baby Shower Game

Who said it baby shower game. Baby showers are joyous occasions where family and friends gather to celebrate the imminent arrival of a little one. In the midst of the festivities, interactive games bring an element of laughter and engagement. The “Who Said It” baby shower game stands out as a unique and entertaining activity that adds a touch of hilarity while allowing guests to guess who among the parents-to-be said specific quotes. In this article, we’ll dive into the charm of the “Who Said It” game, explore how it’s played, and discover why it’s a favorite addition to modern baby shower celebrations.

Unraveling the “Who Said It” Game

The “Who Said It” baby shower game is a playful and revealing activity that challenges guests to match humorous or heartfelt quotes to either the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be. This game not only brings out the guests’ detective skills but also sparks interesting conversations and insights into the couple’s personalities and dynamics.

Playing the Game

1. Prepare Quotes

Compile a list of quotes from both the expectant mom and dad. These quotes can range from funny and quirky to sentimental and heartwarming.

2. Create Game Cards

Design game cards with numbered spaces for guests to write their guesses. Each quote is assigned a number.

3. Distribute the Game Cards

Distribute the game cards along with pens to all the guests, inviting them to match the quotes with the correct parent.

4. Reading and Reveal

Once all the guests have filled in their answers, read out each quote and ask guests to reveal their guesses. Share the correct answers to see who got the most matches right.

Benefits of the Game

1. Laughter and Entertainment

The “Who Said It” game guarantees laughter as guests try to match quotes to the parents’ personalities, revealing unexpected insights.

2. Conversation Starter

The game prompts discussions among guests as they share their guesses and reasoning, fostering interaction and connection.

3. Personal Touch

The game adds a personal touch to the baby shower, allowing guests to learn more about the expectant parents in a fun way.

4. Memorable Moments

As guests uncover the right matches, the game creates memorable moments that both the parents and guests will cherish.


The “Who Said It” baby shower game infuses a lighthearted and engaging element into the celebration, making it a delightful highlight of the event. Through laughter and surprise, guests gain a deeper understanding of the parents-to-be while enjoying each other’s company. This creative game seamlessly blends entertainment and connection, creating an unforgettable baby shower experience that captures the essence of joy, unity, and celebration.