Who Said What Baby Shower Game

who said it baby shower game

Unmasking Baby Wisdom: The “Who Said What?” Baby Shower Game

Who said what baby shower game. Baby showers are a time of celebration, laughter, and creating lasting memories. Among the array of engaging activities, the “Who Said What?” baby shower game stands out as a playful and entertaining option. This game sparks giggles and surprises as guests try to match quotes to their source, adding an element of intrigue and camaraderie to the event. In this article, we’ll explore the dynamics of the “Who Said What?” baby shower game, providing insights on how to organize, personalize, and enjoy this interactive and laughter-filled experience.

Who Said What Baby Shower Game: Game Setup

– Prepare a set of questions that involve the parents-to-be. These questions can range from pregnancy cravings and parenting predictions to humorous anecdotes.
– Ask the parents-to-be to provide their responses to each question secretly, without revealing their answers to each other.
– Compile a list of both the questions and the responses, with a blank space left for guests to guess who said what.

How to Play

1. Distribute the list of questions and responses to the guests along with a blank space for their guesses.
2. Guests will attempt to match each response to either the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be.
3. After everyone has made their guesses, the host will reveal the correct answers, tallying up the number of correct matches for each guest.
4. The guest with the most correct matches wins the game.

Personalization Tips

– Craft questions that reflect the personalities, preferences, and quirks of the parents-to-be.
– Include a mix of serious and humorous questions to keep the game dynamic and entertaining.

Prizes and Winners

– Offer prizes to the guest with the most correct matches as a token of appreciation for their keen observation skills.
– Celebrate the shared laughter and camaraderie as everyone unravels the responses.

Creating a Vibrant Atmosphere

– Encourage guests to share their reasoning behind their guesses, leading to entertaining anecdotes and shared memories.
– Incorporate this game as part of a larger set of activities to maintain an energetic flow throughout the event.


The “Who Said What?” baby shower game adds a layer of entertainment and hilarity to the celebration while giving guests a unique opportunity to engage with the parents-to-be on a personal level. As laughter fills the room and surprises unfold, the game fosters a warm and inclusive atmosphere that brings friends and family closer together. By tailoring the questions to the expectant parents’ experiences and personalities, you create an experience that is not only memorable but also heartwarming. As guests participate in deciphering who said what, they contribute to a joyous atmosphere that captures the essence of celebrating the imminent arrival of a new life into the world.